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How may I see the space?
What is the ‘as-is’ condition?
What is the capacity?
What are the event rental rates and options?
Are children allowed in the event space?
What are the hours and days that the event space can be booked?
Can StarBase accommodate weddings?
Is there a separate rental rate for photo and film shoots?
Do I have the ability to switch out some of the lounges and furniture in the event space?
Are there dressrooms or green rooms?
Is there a separate rental rate for small meetings, seminars, workshops or conferences?
How many restrooms are available?
Can StarBase accommodate live-music events?
Is there a valet?
How many parking spots are available?
Is there security?
Are we responsible for cleaning? What is the cleaning fee?
Can we bring our own food and alcohol or work with any caterer we choose?
Is there a food and beverage minimum?
Can items be shipped in advance?
Is there a place to store items for the event overnight?
Is there a loading dock?
Are other vendors or suppliers allowed in the space?
Are there audio/visual capabilities in the event space?
Is there Wi-Fi connectivity?
What features and amenities are included with the space rental?
Are pets allowed?
May I view space dimensions and capacities for various setups outside of the ‘as-is’ condition?
How may I schedule site visits once I have booked and how many are included?
When can I begin setting up for my event?
Can I rent just one room for a lesser rate?
Do we have to use your cleaning team, security team and A/V specialists?
What is the height of the ceiling?
Can I stick anything on the walls?
Can I provide any of my own video content for the projectors or screens?